Faculty Feature: Sylvia Aka

After weeks of featuring our Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers, we’re shifting our focus to our 2nd grade classrooms to close out the year. Sylvia Aka’s been a part of SDFAS for the past 5 years, and comes with an extensive background in physical education. She’s been an educator for two decades, and her love for […]

Faculty Feature: Pauline Dubeaux

Pauline Dubeaux is one of our 1st grade teachers who boasts in creating a structured classroom environment for her students and strives to treat each one of them as her own.  At a young age, Pauline met a teacher who changed her life and inspired her to become an educator. She obtained her BA in […]

8th Graders Gear Up for Graduation!

Graduation is just around the corner for our 8th graders, and we are ready to celebrate their achievements! These next four students took a moment to share their favorite memories from their classes. As we count down to the final stretch, we’d like to express how proud we are of our graduating class and look […]

Faculty Feature: Sarah Le Boyer

We’re a few weeks away from wrapping up the school year, and have a few more teachers to feature before rounding out our final term. Today’s Teacher Feature highlights our kind and energetic 1st grade English Teacher, Sarah Le Boyer, whose bright smile instantly lights up the classroom! Her fresh and unique approach to teaching […]

8th Graders Countdown to Graduation!

With 6 weeks left before graduation, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our graduating 8th graders on their great accomplishments at SDFAS. We proudly present our next batch of students who are getting ready to go off on brand new adventures in high school and beyond. As we’ve gotten to know these students […]

Faculty Feature: Elisabeth Perdereau

Celebrations for Teacher Appreciation week are in full swing at SDFAS, and our campus isbuzzing with excitement. As our week continues, we’d like to dedicate this Tuesday to focus the spotlight on one of our exceptional 1st grade teachers, Elisabeth Perdereau, whose calm, tenacious demeanor makes her classroom a perfect learning oasis for her students. […]

Farewell, 8th Graders!

As we count down to graduation, we’d like to take these next few weeks to spend time honoring our graduating 8th grade class. Our students took a moment to reminisce and shared some key memories during their time at SDFAS, and gave us some insight on what’s to come! We proudly present our first four […]

Faculty Feature: Layla Gibson

We’re here to welcome the first week of May to a brand new Faculty Feature! Meet one of our teacher assistants, Layla Gibson, who joined SDFAS in December 2022. Laylaadministers classroom support to ensure a cohesive, successful and nurturing environment. Working with 2 classrooms equips Layla with an excellent versatility, an astute mind, and a […]

Faculty Feature: Camille Plantier

Meet Camille Plantier, one of our young, gracious, and easygoing Kindergarten teachers. Her passion for teaching began at an early age from play-dates with her teddy bears in a makeshift classroom where she played teacher and taught lessons. Prior to pursuing teaching, Camille received her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology with a minor in Education […]

Faculty Feature: Wendy Lizarraga

Wendy’s dreams of becoming a teacher began when she was a little girl living in Mexico. Surrounded by four brothers and numerous cousins, her rambunctious childhood paved a way for her to become the nurturing and joyful educator she is today. She’s called SDFAS her second home for the past 13 years and beams with […]