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Cara Mitchell
Middle School English Language Arts & MS Advisory Coordinator

Originally from Boston, Cara earned her B.A. in Educational Studies and Africana Studies at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. After graduating, she earned her Masters in Education through the Shady Hill School’s Teacher Training Center and Lesley University, both in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cara was drawn to teaching and working with middle school students because of the period of great change and growth that characterizes this time in a young person’s life. She is passionate about helping students navigate their ever-growing sense of identity and independence. To this end, she loves to use the study of humanities as a lens through which to understand ourselves and the worlds we inhabit. Cara has also taught at The Philadelphia School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as well as the Oak Hall School in Gainesville, Florida. Cara lives in Encinitas with her husband and toddler, Wes. As a family, they love traveling, hiking, gardening, and cooking.