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Shanon Mazeaud
Kindergarten French Teacher

Shanon Mazeaud was born in Paris, France. She learned English at L’Ecole Bilingue de Paris, an American immersion school. She began her education by pursuing a degree in hospitality and ventured from France to Switzerland (L’Ecole Hôtellerie de Lausanne) and Universities in San Diego and New York. Shanon realized early on in her work experience that she had a desire to build a career in child development. It was after having her first child that she returned to school to study child development and completed her degree in early childhood education and child psychology. Shanon worked hard by attending night school, being a new mom, and working multiple jobs. But it was during that time that she was able to find her first teaching position. Shanon has ten years of teaching experience when she was able to use her bilingual skills. She has also attended many teacher’s conferences, has earned awards and gained certification in children’s yoga. All of these have given her various skills that she utilizes in the classroom. Mother of three sons, Shanon has an immense passion for all mountaineering sports and was even once a snowboarding instructor at UCPA Argentiere/Chamonix.