Dress yourself, express yourself.

Dress Code

There is no school uniform; however, the school does have a Dress Code, as outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook.

  • All Pre-Elementary students must wear a red polo during field trips and school events.
  • All students Grade 1 through 5 must wear a red polo during field trips and school events and a navy-blue T-shirt for Physical Education classes.
  • All students Grade 5 through 8 must wear a navy-blue T-shirt for Physical Education classes.

Required Clothing

Order the required red polo, blue physical education t-shirt, and optional spirit gear at Lands’ End

Since September 2019, we have been happy to partner with Lands’ End, a provider of high-quality school clothing and spirit gear.

Here is the link to access our San Diego French-American School page (900190869) where you will order

  • A red polo (required for grades PK0 through 5)
  • A navy-blue PE T-shirt (required for grades 1 through 8)

All pieces of clothing will come with the San Diego French-American School logo heat pressed or embroidered.

There are sizing info and charts on their website to help you out.

The items will be shipped directly to your home. Last year, some parents did group orders to lower the cost of shipping. Once you will create an account, you will receive frequent limited-time discounts and free shipping offers.

Do not hesitate to call their toll-free number. Call or text 1-800-963-4816

Optional Spirit Gear

By popular demand, parents have the choice of ordering spirit wear for their children and themselves through Lands’ End.

What is spirit gear? They are clothing items that show school spirit and pride in San Diego French-American School! They are optional and can be purchased with our logo. Most schools have this type of clothing, and we are thrilled to propose this option to our SDFAS families.

The list of items includes white and blue polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, vests, fleeces, hats, etc. Most of these items are available in all sizes—even adult sizes! This site will be accessible throughout the year, so you can purchase additional items when you need them and have them shipped directly to your home.

Some Important Information Before You Get Started

  • Go to the following link: Lands’ End and sign in to create a personal shopping account. This is an important step because by signing up, you will receive Land’s End emails with promotions and discounts for purchases throughout the year.
  • After you have created your account, you will need to select boy or girl and the grade/status of your child in the drop-down menu (here is where you can also find the optional spirit gear, at the end of the grade list). You may choose to save your school, or you may click on the teeny tiny link found when you scroll down that says I prefer not to save this information beyond today’s visit. Shop Now

Explanation And Instructions

  • You will see 5 different options: 3 red polo shirts (1 of which is required for grade PK0 through 5) and 2 navy PE shirts (1 of which is required for grade 1 through grade 8). There are 3 red polos and 2 navy t-shirts because, after many requests from parents, you can now choose the material of your shirts (polo and t-shirt). The red polo options include rapid dry, 100% cotton, and mesh polo for 2T and 3T sizes. The navy PE shirt is available in two options: essential cotton t-shirt or active gym fit t-shirt.
  • When purchasing the red polo shirt, you must select the San Diego French-American School embroidered logo from the drop-down (it is the only option because the embroidered logo is required on the red polo shirt). For the navy PE t-shirt, our logo is also required, but you can choose from a few logo options (like the less expensive plain white heat pressed logo). You also have the option to order as many of the shirts as you want.
  • If you would like to buy any of the optional spirit gear items with the San Diego French-American School logo, you need to go back under the main page and select the spirit gear option under the grade/status drop-down menu. Here you will find sweaters, jackets, cardigans, hoodies, hats, other colored polos for everyday use, etc. These can be ordered with our logo.
  • Please note that you can purchase any items you like from the Lands’ End website, but only the items found under the required and spirit gear sections are available to have the San Diego French-American School logo added.

Please click on the following link to get started: San Diego French-American School at Lands’ End