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Bebe et Moi Class

The San Diego French-American School is excited to launch a new French immersion program for toddlers between the ages of 12 and 30 months old.


The Bebe & Me program is ideal for parents and/or caregivers who want to expose their children to a language other than English at an early age. Diverse and hands-on educational activities are specifically designed to engage toddlers and get them acquainted with the French language through fun-filled activities. Parents will be able to discover alongside their children what tools they can use to engage them in a creative way and learn basic French vocabulary. 


Each session includes playtime, story time, arts and crafts, dancing and singing games, as well as a break during which healthy refreshments are served. Each activity is planned with the goal to introduce as much French vocabulary as possible.


Bebe & Me sessions are held separately from regular classes on campus, the school’s Media Center.

Time: Wednesdays 9:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.

Duration: Year-Round (Based on academic calendar)

Class Fee: First Trial Class is free, then $30 per class

Start Date: October 23, 2023 through June 12, 2023

Registration: CampBrain


Class fee includes one child and one caregiver.  Contact us today to get started!

Shanon has worked with the SDFAS team for over three years and teaches with versatile methods to create a holistic and dynamic classroom. With 17 years of teaching experience under her belt, Shanon confidently commands her classroom with ease and caters to every students’ learning styles by incorporating outdoor lessons and activities, flexible seating, and kinetic activities to encourage movement.


At a young age, Shanon attended L’Ecole Bilingue de Paris, an American immersion school, before moving to the United States at age 11. This experience allows her to resonate and identify with her students, which builds individual relationships full of support and empathy. Prior to pursuing a career path in teaching, she worked as a snowboarding instructor – a skill she’s honed from spending time in the Alps.

In the 17 years she’s been a teacher, Shanon claims the most rewarding experience she’s had with children is seeing their kindness blossom in the classroom by observing their interactions and witnessing the compliments they’ve expressed to one another.

Shanon is a proud mother of three boys, two of whom currently attend SDFAS (Pre K, 3rd Grade, and an SDFAS alumnus who is now in high school). She believes the values SDFAS has instilled in her family play a core role in presenting them as a strong family unit