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Faculty Feature: Sarah Le Boyer

We’re a few weeks away from wrapping up the school year, and have a few more teachers to feature before rounding out our final term. Today’s Teacher Feature highlights our kind and energetic 1st grade English Teacher, Sarah Le Boyer, whose bright smile instantly lights up the classroom! Her fresh and unique approach to teaching leads to choreographed sight word lessons with minimal to no lectures. Sarah initially joined the SDFAS team in 2009 for a few years, before taking some time off and returning in 2016. 

Drawn to teaching by her former French teacher, Sarah’s first steps into teaching began in Berst, France at Luther College. Over the years, she’s dabbled in teaching elementary, middle and high school children, while citing 1st grade as her favorite. Her classroom operates as an interactive space where games, songs and movement are used as tools of learning. Sarah encourages conversations between her students by asking questions in circle time, which prompts students to engage not only with her, but with each other; a strategy that aims to build inquisitive minds. 

Through Sarah’s unique teaching approach, some class time is devoted to sight word practice and a phonics assessment, where students learn to read through a choreographed dance. Over the years, she’s witnessed the magical moment of “the click”, where students demonstrate their understanding and ability to read. 

Outside the classroom, you can find Sarah baking desserts at her kitchen for her husband and three children (Eleanora, Luca, and Timothy). In her spare time, she loves hiking, camping and reading novels by Norah Roberts.