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5th grade House sorting

This past week, the 5th graders were sorted into their middle school Houses!  There are 5 Houses, one for each of our school values — (1) Probus: Integrity (2) Benevolus: Empathy (3) Amicus: Open-Mindedness (4) Fortis: Intellectual Curiosity (5) and Animatus: Resilience.  The 5 Houses compete throughout the year to earn points for the great House Tournament at the end of the year!  The sorting ceremony revealed which house each of our 5th graders will join in Middle School, and was complete with the sorting hat, the presence of the house prefects, and welcome notes to each student joining their new house.  Our 5th graders will be able to earn house points for the Great House Tournament throughout the remainder of the school year, each in the hopes of winning the glory of the House Tournament Championship.  This is an exciting moment for our 5th graders to begin their initiation into our Middle School!