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April Camp: 2024 Solar Eclipse & Crafts

While we bid our farewell to our students and teachers for Spring Break, some of our students joined us for a week of camp full of fun and enriching activities–with a rare surprise!

We welcomed them on Monday with the rare and exciting opportunity to view the solar eclipse on campus! Taking great precaution, students wore their protective eye gear before gazing at the sun with wonder, as they bounced questions off one another in glee and pure curiosity!

When Tuesday rolled around, students let the creativity flourish by making crafts (puppets and creatures) to show off to one another, while others enjoyed the wide, open space of the field to play outdoor activities and games they learned in sports class or games they came up with on their own

The creativity carried over by Wednesday, as students got ahold of paint and used a blank canvas to let their imagination run wild by painting colorful abstract pieces.

Over by the preschool side, our little tykes grabbed their aprons and created baked pastries. They finished off their Thursday afternoon by crafting a bouquet of flowers.

On Friday, students in PK2 enjoyed painting a mural to commenorate their week in camp! With different brilliant minds and art styles in play, preschoolers proudly presented their masterpiece before the end of the day!

In a few months, summer camp is just around the corner. With French-inspired themes to celebrate the upcoming olympics in Paris, we invite you to join us for our bilingual summer camp! Your children are welcome to learn a few phrases or brush up on their French before the new school year begins. Register HERE.