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Olympic & Paralympic Week – Judo 2024

The Olympic and Paralympic Week (SOP) took place at Cal State Los Angeles from April 4 to 7, and 12 students from the San Diego French-American School had the opportunity to participate in this exceptional judo event organized by Hervé AKA in partnership with France Judo and USA Judo, supported by the AEFE – Agency for French Education Abroad. 

Our students were joined by 1st grade teacher, Sylvia Aka, who led our students on this memorable opportunity. Over a span of four days, students experienced:

Meeting with Kodomo: France Judo’s mascot, Kodomo, shared his skills with our young athletes, introducing them to the values of judo and its moral code: respect, friendship, courage, politeness, sincerity, modesty, honor, and self-control.

Inspirational Exchanges: Our French champions, Gévrise Emane and Larbi Benboudaoud, and American athletes Marti Malloy, OLY, shared their journeys and Olympic values with the participants.

“Healthy Judo” Health program: Our judokas explored the benefits of healthy eating, quality warm-ups, and stretching to preserve their health capital, thanks to an intervention by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). Two of them had the opportunity to have their movements analyzed to prevent injuries.

Friendly Competition: Our young judokas faced their American counterparts on the tatamis, in a spirit of sportsmanship and friendly competition. These training sessions were with PSG Academy Los Angeles.

Visit to Griffith Observatory: Our students broadened their horizons by visiting the Griffith Observatory, enjoying  breathtaking views of Los Angeles and the iconic Hollywood sign.

This event included participants from schools such as: Lycée Français de San Diego, Lycée Français de New York, Lycee international de Los Angeles, École Bilingue de la Nouvelle-Orléans, and some public schools in LA.