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Spirit Week at SDFAS

Spirit Week brought our campus to life and united our school together through a colorful week of themed outfits; transforming our campus to a fashion runway for everyone to put their best fashion foot forward and fill our campus with enthusiasm and pride in support of our school’s vibrant community. Through a set of themes organized by our Middle Schoolers, each day brought a wave of anticipation for the following day to come. 

Monday rolled off  to a cozy start as students showed up to campus in their comfiest sleepwear for PAJAMA DAY! While the day was no snooze-fest, students had their fun pretending to take naps all over campus to pose for photos. 

As Tuesday rolled around, two themes overtook our campus as swarms of twins and triplets popped up everywhere for TWIN AND TRIPLET DAY, while fictional characters were simultaneously brought to life as staff and students dressed up for FAVORITE CHARACTER DAY

On Wednesday, we brought out dresses and tailored suits for FANCY DAY.  Faculty, staff, and students wore their finest clothes, as an air of extravagance blanketed our campus for a posh day at school.

By Thursday morning, our community entered a time warp as decades of fashion trends were seen all over campus for DECADES DAY. With exposure to trends that brought a wave of nostalgia and amusement. Our preschoolers strutted their own style with CRAZY SOCKS to add their own twist to the day.

Friday wrapped up Spirit Week by bringing out the craziest hairstyles for CRAZY HAIR DAY! Hairstyles reached unimaginable heights and wacky colors painted our campus, as students bravely experimented with their own hair, while others took a much more safer route by wearing a wig.