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4th Grade Boards The Sally Ride Research Vessel

Fourth graders boarded the Research Vessel Sally Ride last week to explore a ship owned by the US Navy and operated by Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Named after Sally Ride, the first woman who traveled in space, the Sally Ride ship is currently operated to conduct oceanic research for decades to come.

Students met with scientists who gave a scintillating tour of the ship, from the control room, the main deck, and more. As they explored the ship’s interior, they were met with artifacts, like logbooks, and framed photographs lining the walls; a storyboard of the vessel’s history. While outside on the deck, students enjoyed the view and examined the life rafts available on site. Throughout the tour, scientists explained how their time is spent on board at the lab and how their research equipment is used during their sea voyages.


With 20 crew members and 25 members onboard, the Sally Ride is an impressive vessel dedicated for research, with over 2,000 feet of laboratory space. Referred to as an “Ocean Class Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research (AGOR)” vessel, it is designed to perform multidisciplinary oceanographic research worldwide, from exploring the deepest parts of the ocean, the tropics, and more. Read more about R/V Sally Ride HERE.

As their exploration winded down, students enjoyed lunch by the water and took photos on the harbor, all while admiring the impressive exterior of the ship.