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Outdoor Classes, Chess, and Buzzing Bees

Each week at SDFAS brings unique and enriching experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. While instruction and learning take place, our teachers’ approach embraces diverse learning styles by integrating outdoor classes, hands-on activities, and inviting guest speakers who share expert knowledge with our students.


Our week opened with a long-term project collaboration between our 5th graders and AEFE, where they embarked on the exciting challenge of crafting a new game using a selection of supplies and following a set of guidelines.


On Tuesday, students in our after school program were asked to share what they love about SDFAS. While many shared their thrilling tales on the joy of recess and spending time with their friends, a handful of 1st graders shared their appreciation for attending a bilingual school and having both French and English teachers. 


As Wednesday approached, PK2 took to the field to explore their surroundings, as they began their outdoor classes. Armed with  microscopes and their curiosities, they dug through the soil, lifted rocks, trudged through muddied soil, and engaged in conversation with one another about their discoveries. This carried on each day until Friday, and will continue for weeks to come. 


As Thursday rolled around, our 2nd graders buzzed around the art room for a presentation by Girl Next Door Honey on bees! As they immersed themselves in the world of bees, they all played different roles of the hive, examined diagrams, and even observed a colony! The presentation ended with a taste of raw honey and left a lasting impression on the importance of bees to our students. 


By the end of the week, we welcomed students from Le Lycée Francais for our Sustainable Chess Tournament. Seven riveting matches were held in our school auditorium, as over a hundred minds sat with unwavering focus. Congratulations to all our winners  and a huge thank you to all our participants. We can’t wait to see our students become chess champions!


Recap on Past Events: Jog-a-thon 


A few weeks ago, our annual Jog-a-thon saw resounding success! As our school community (students, staff and parents) jogged around the field, the collective effort ended up raising an astounding amount of  $4,830.01 for charities such as: The Monarch School, Shoreline Community Services, and Farm Animal Refuge. A percentage of the donations will support the 8th grade trip to Canada.


We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Diesa Seidel and our dedicated parents for organizing this event, James Hone-Blanchet, for leading the energizing warm-up sessions for our students, and Beverly Portillo, for being an excellent host, DJ, and keeping everyone on schedule.