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2024 Science Fair Features Projects Across All Grades!

Our 2024 Science Fair brought creative, curious, and analytical minds together, as our auditorium transformed into a full science exhibit with a range of projects showcasing our students’ fascinating experiments! From answering questions such as: Do drinks stain your teeth?, What revives a lava lamp? Is the 5 Second Rule True?, students confidently presented their research to a captivated audience and answered challenging questions from their teachers and peers, to demonstrate their analytical skills and thorough understanding of their research.

Experiments were conducted individually and in groups, as students were assessed and awarded based on their procedures, analysis, data findings, and the clarity of their presentation.

A huge congratulations to our winners, whose exemplary projects proved they followed the scientific method, and illustrated a thorough understanding of their research.

With a large variety of projects covering a scope of topics, our science fair was tremendous success! Throughout the event, parents and other members of our school community were invited to view and marvel at the projects, which sparked their curiosity and left them full of wonder.

A special thank you to Anne-Laure Denis and Alex Mobley for their hard work and dedication in putting together an event that inspired and challenged our students’ inquisitive minds. See you all at next year’s science fair. We can’t wait to see what scientific breakthroughs our students discover!