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Faculty Feature: Guillaume Sanchez

Meet 3rd grade French Teacher, Guillaume, who joined SDFAS along with his wife at the start of the school year. With 17 years of teaching experience, Guillaume creates a positive classroom environment that encourages students to express themselves with ease, and freely bounce off each other’s ideas during class discussions and collaborative work.
To cultivate a relationship with his students, he strives to begin each day with positive reinforcement to lead a stress-free class full of enthusiasm and assurance. In class, students proudly share how their hard work pays off with their reward system, earning extra recess for exemplary behavior or academic achievements. During lessons, Guillaume teaches in a calm but firm manner to build his students’ character. This dynamic creates a well-balanced classroom for students to thrive in, where their progress is evident throughout the school year.
He is married to SDFAS 5th grade teacher, Sandy, with whom he has 1 son. In his early 20s he won several rock n roll competitions and worked as a soccer referee. Nowadays, he and his family spend time discovering California one beach at a time.