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Faculty Feature: Pauline Dubeaux

Pauline Dubeaux is one of our 1st grade teachers who boasts in creating a structured classroom environment for her students and strives to treat each one of them as her own. 

At a young age, Pauline met a teacher who changed her life and inspired her to become an educator. She obtained her BA in Spanish and pursued a Masters in Education in France before gaining teaching experience. In the classroom, Pauline describes herself as “loving, but fair” and treats her students with care that mirrors how she cares for her children. She recognizes the importance of her role as an educator by creating a balance between fun activities and class instruction. During class time, she encourages children to work around the classroom, or even take walks or run in the field to release pent up energy. 

Pauline shares, the best part about teaching is seeing her students grasp the material through hard work and perseverance. She recounts one outstanding student she once had in France whose defiant behavior drastically improved after being under her care. 

Outside the school grounds, you can find Pauline with her husband and their two children spending time in the outdoors hiking and horseback riding.