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Faculty Feature: Sylvia Aka

After weeks of featuring our Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers, we’re shifting our focus to our 2nd grade classrooms to close out the year. Sylvia Aka’s been a part of SDFAS for the past 5 years, and comes with an extensive background in physical education. She’s been an educator for two decades, and her love for her students shines through the enthusiasm that reverberates in her classroom!

Sylvia received her Masters in Physical Education and her French Certification from the French Ministry of Education. Her teaching journey began in physical education at the French Islands, before moving to France, and eventually the USA. Her focus from teaching physical education shifted after giving birth to her son, who not only taught her the joy of being a parent, but also inspired her to teach in a classroom.

Sylvia’s class is often filled with laughter and energy, as she strives to have a strong, comfortable, and trusting relationship with each of her students. Her classroom activities are very hands-on, and she looks to organize larger events in the school for sports. She previously trained 5th graders for Judo during Olympics & Paralympics week among many other endeavors.

Her humorous personality is infectious and carries outside the classroom through her conversations with everyone around her. When she’s not teaching, you can typically find Sylvia watching basketball with her husband and two sons. As an avid sports fan, she particularly loves Judo and gymnastics.