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Parent’s Day – Preschool & Middle School

We love opening our campus to invite our parent community in our classrooms! We are in the midst of our Parent Day celebrations; beginning with preschool. Students prepared special projects and introduced their classmates to their parents. Teachers opened their classrooms to share what a day in the life of students’ look like.


In preschool, each class prepared a set of projects to gift to their parents as a nod to Mother’s Day! Our younger students unleashed their creativity to bring a unique and memorable keepsake. After the exchange, parents were invited to stay to mingle with fellow parents and discover the vibrant community SDFAS has to offer.

Following Parent’s Day in preschool, our Middle Schoolers had their own event a few days later. Parentsd were brought to campus for a morning paired with coffee and croissants. Parents toured classrooms, viewed projects such as the literature dioramas, the embellished garden boxes, and even received an update on their child’s progression. Parents met with faculty and our Middle School Director to discuss the end of the year events.

Elementary will follow suit before the end of the month for a final Parent’s Day, and parents will once again be welcome to join us for our End of Year shows.