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Spirit Week at SDFAS

Spirit Week brought our campus to life and united our school together through a colorful week of themed outfits; transforming our campus to a fashion runway for everyone to put their best fashion foot forward and fill our campus with enthusiasm and pride in support of our school’s vibrant community. Through a set of themes […]

Outdoor Classes, Chess, and Buzzing Bees

Each week at SDFAS brings unique and enriching experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. While instruction and learning take place, our teachers’ approach embraces diverse learning styles by integrating outdoor classes, hands-on activities, and inviting guest speakers who share expert knowledge with our students. Our week opened with a long-term project collaboration between […]

2024 Science Fair Features Projects Across All Grades!

Our 2024 Science Fair brought creative, curious, and analytical minds together, as our auditorium transformed into a full science exhibit with a range of projects showcasing our students’ fascinating experiments! From answering questions such as: Do drinks stain your teeth?, What revives a lava lamp? Is the 5 Second Rule True?, students confidently presented their research to […]

AFSA 40th Conference

Our Head of School, Isabelle David, led and organized the AFSA 40th Conference from January 28 to January 30 at Hotel La Valencia. AFSA (Association of French Schools in America) counts 54 accredited French schools in the US and Canada. As the long-time AFSA President of the organization and elected Vice President for the upcoming […]

7th Graders Fish Dissection

7th graders discover all there is to know about the respiratory system through a fascinating fish dissection. Students grabbed their knives, forceps, and scissors to start carving away and identify the internal organs and organ systems of the fish and how they compare to humans. Through this collaborative exercise, students are able to identify different […]

8th Graders Gear Up for Graduation!

Graduation is just around the corner for our 8th graders, and we are ready to celebrate their achievements! These next four students took a moment to share their favorite memories from their classes. As we count down to the final stretch, we’d like to express how proud we are of our graduating class and look […]

8th Graders Countdown to Graduation!

With 6 weeks left before graduation, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our graduating 8th graders on their great accomplishments at SDFAS. We proudly present our next batch of students who are getting ready to go off on brand new adventures in high school and beyond. As we’ve gotten to know these students […]

Farewell, 8th Graders!

As we count down to graduation, we’d like to take these next few weeks to spend time honoring our graduating 8th grade class. Our students took a moment to reminisce and shared some key memories during their time at SDFAS, and gave us some insight on what’s to come! We proudly present our first four […]

6th and 7th Graders Showcase French Lit Project-Based Learning

This week, I meant to include a picture or two while extolling the projects Mme Toudic’s French class have undertaken. What can I say, it was hard to cull just a few examples when there were so many interesting projects to display! The students did great work and the 6th grade dioramas were on display […]