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April Camp: 2024 Solar Eclipse & Crafts

While we bid our farewell to our students and teachers for Spring Break, some of our students joined us for a week of camp full of fun and enriching activities–with a rare surprise! We welcomed them on Monday with the rare and exciting opportunity to view the solar eclipse on campus! Taking great precaution, students […]

Spirit Week at SDFAS

Spirit Week brought our campus to life and united our school together through a colorful week of themed outfits; transforming our campus to a fashion runway for everyone to put their best fashion foot forward and fill our campus with enthusiasm and pride in support of our school’s vibrant community. Through a set of themes […]

Outdoor Classes, Chess, and Buzzing Bees

Each week at SDFAS brings unique and enriching experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. While instruction and learning take place, our teachers’ approach embraces diverse learning styles by integrating outdoor classes, hands-on activities, and inviting guest speakers who share expert knowledge with our students. Our week opened with a long-term project collaboration between […]

Lunar New Year Celebrations in Preschool

Our Preschool division enjoyed a jam-packed morning of activities surrounding the upcoming Chinese New Year! Parents were invited to volunteer as craft, coloring, tattoo, and story time stations brought the children together to celebrate the Year of the Dragon and discover the significance of the Lunar New Year in Chinese culture. Students were all invited […]

“Album Moi, je”

The “Album Moi, je”  (“Me, I”) is a tool used in Preschool to jump-start language learning. It is based on repetition and mostly oral learning. The teacher uses pictures of the student in action and of himself/herself doing the same action. As the teacher and the student work in a 1×1 setting, the teacher starts […]

Les Ateliers Autonomes / Self-Learning Workshops

In the self-learning workshops, the goal is for the children to work independently on a task without the help of an adult. The students are encouraged to make their own choices, set up their activity, remember the task, carry it out, validate it by themselves, and then with the teacher put all of the materials […]

Reading Comprehension – Preschool

Beginning in preschool we prepare our students to identify letters, read syllables and words and prepare for independent reading. One of our priorities is not only that they can sound out words and sentences but that they may also understand what they read!